where web3connects through artOmni X delivers any NFT, on any network, all in one place
what makes us better
Curated Content Drops
Omnichain NFTs
Web3 Native Social
launch with us
we did all the hard technical work, so you just need to focus on the art - the Omni X launchpad is a simple and curated experience for artists & projects creating new collectionsrocket
ONFT minting
all launchpad projects mint omnichain NFT (ONFTs) to enable seameless transfer of assets (and metadata) across blockchains
technical expertise
we provide tailored solutions designed for your needslaunching on specific chains, adding metadata, keeping your community up to date, and selling out - we make sure it all happens perfectly
A multichain world needs real omnichain solutions. Your NFTs on 10+ blockchains (and counting) can all be viewed, traded, and shared all in one place - Omni X.
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NFT interoperability
bridgeany pre-existing NFT to any chain using our wrapped asset bridge, or mint omnichain NFTs (ONFTs) to enable seamless transfer of assets (and metadata) across blockchains10+ blockchains powered bylayerzero logo
deep & frictionless liquidity
trade any asset, on any chain, with any token*a new paradigm that exponentially increases available liquidity for artists and traders*USDT, USDC, and ETH powered by
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web3 NFT communities live here
personal feeds
follow your favorite projects and artists to sign up for IRL events, collection activity notifications, and more!
token gating
choose who can chat, view, attend, and share your content with our auto-refreshing list of community holdersthis allows you to own and share content - without giving up any personal information
most marketplaces only care about trading - we are building a new home for creators with their communitysocial post
a special thanks to those that got us here